Toasted Ravioli   $6.99

Sprinkled with parmesan cheese and served with a rich red meat sauce. Perfect for a snack.

King O’ Rings  $6.99

King of all onions! Crispy and delicious beer battered onion rings!

Potato Boats  $8.99

The great Irish Potato! Deep-fried and covered with two kinds of cheese and bacon bits, served with sour cream.

Maggie’s Wings $8.99

1 lb. of spicy, breaded, or BBQ wings. Allow extra time for cooking.

Maggie’s Sampler  $11.99

A wee bit of this and a wee bit of that makes for a good bit of everything! 4 Toasted Ravioli, 4 Maggie’s Wings, 2 Potato Boats and King O’ Rings. Enough to serve two. NO SUBSTITUTIONS PLEASE!

Quesadilla  $8.99

Chicken with four cheeses, bacon, jalapenos, dice tomatoes, sour cream, shredded lettuce and salsa.

Chicken Tenders  $6.99

Real chicken breast, hand-cut and rolled in our secret breading, then deep-fried. Served with bacon honey mustard or Maggie’s hot dipping sauce

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