O’Hen-essy  $8.99

(You’ll cross the road for this one!) Fresh chicken breast, deep-fried, served on toast points, topped with a lemon butter sauce and cheese. Served with Irish potatoes, fries or homemade chips.

Our Famous Corned Beef and Cabbage  $11.99

Tender slow roasted corned beef piled over steamed cabbage and served with Irish potatoes.

Chicken O’Brien  $11.99

Sauteed boneless breast of chicken. Topped with white wine lemon butter sauce, artichokes, mushrooms and fresh tomatoes. Served with a side of steamed broccoli.

Maggie’s Irish Beef Stew  $11.99

Homemade and served in a unique fresh “Bowl” of sourdough bread.

Fish ‘N’ Chips  $11.99

Traditional fish and chips lightly breaded and fried golden-brown to perfection.

Catch of the Day  $14.99

Ask your server about our fish special.

Maggie’s St Louis Style Ribs

BBQ’d the old fashioned way with Maggie’s secret dry rub, slow smoked on Maggie’s pit and finished with Maggie’s own sauce. Served over white bread with fries and slaw. Prepared everyday! When we’re out, we’re out!

Half Slab  $14.99     Full Slab  $21.99

Maggie’s Strip Steak  $19.99

Cattleman’s cut topped with Maggie’s own steak butter. Served with Irish potatoes and vegetable of the day.

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